V.A.S.E.N  is an advisory service  founded to support learners with special educational needs get the support they need. There is an increasing demand from parents, carers and young people for support as they try to navigate the SEND system. We know parents are frustrated when met with challenges; we also SEN staff in schools, colleges and the Local Authority are also frustrated, they also face challenges related to funding, staffing, large caseloads and without a doubt long hours 

VASEN's 3 tier level of support aims to make the process of navigating the field of special educational needs more straightforward for learners, parents and carers. 

How VASEN can help with your SEN concerns?

Initial concerns

Are you concerned about your child/young person's 'learning and development? Are you waiting for an appointment with a specialist service e.g. Speech and Language? Are you at a loss as to where to begin? 

SEND Advisory Teacher Assessments

Have you applied for an EHCP and the Local Authority  decision was 'Not to Proceed' with the assessment due to lack of evidence? AS an experienced SENCo, VASEN offers assessments that provide an initial analysis of the learners learning and development, and aims identify possible  underlying SEN that requires additional provision to be in place to support learning. 

SEN Support Plans 

Have you spoken to school staff about your concerns but feel that your child isn't getting the right support to allow them to make progress? Learners with special educational needs, who do not have an EHCP,  need to have SEN Support plans in place.  Parents are finding the SEN process frustrating at best, and VASEN can help.

EHCP Parental and School Requests 

Once all the SEN Support provided has been reviewed and assessed, if you believe that the provision  is not meeting your child's/learner's needs, you can apply to the Local Authority for an EHCP. At VASEN we provide more than just a letter to support your request; VASEN reports can provide the additional information to evidence and justify your request for an EHCP.  VASEN also offers support to settings to guide you through the SEN process.

Home Tuition 

V.A.S.E.N  works with young people, parents and schools, to design bespoke educational programmes across all ages. Programmes aim to provide learners with ongoing preparation for adulthood focusing on the key outcomes: Employment, Independent Living, Community Inclusion and Health. Our virtual home tuition, caters to no more than 5 students,  is led by a qualified teacher and  programmes are tailored to your/ your child's interests and desired outcomes.


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